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About Us

Invest-Assured Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd was established in  1997.

Our roots go back to when Wilfred Dutton of Springs started his own company in 1934. His son, Alan Dutton continued in his footsteps and the company grew into a very successful long and short-term term brokerage.

The existing Directors of Invest-Assured Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd heralded from FPS, a Sage Group owned company. John Barnett joined Alan Dutton in 1991 and formed a Financial Planning Division. This division complimented the mainly Employee Benefit Structure with advice on Investments, Tax, Offshore, Plans, Medical Aids and Assurance etc. Norman Nezar has grown from being a Financial Consultant and is now a Director of Invest-Assured.

Mission Statement

  • To provide the highest standard of ' Advice & Service ' without prejudice.

  • To comply with the Acts pertaining to the Financial Services Industry.

  • To conduct their service on sound & ethical business principles.

  • To strive for knowledge and integrity to uphold the Financial Services Industry.

We pride ourselves to be members of the following associations:

  • IFPA (Independent Financial Planners Association)

  • Luasa - membership number 11561

  • Masthead (Compliance Officers)

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